About Us

WA Human Powered Vehicle Association Inc. Is a not-for-profit organisation that operates in Western Australia. We are the organisers of the Epiroc WA Pedal Prix Series, and run the Races 1 and Race 2 of the season.
Our mission is to organise a series of HPV racing events providing the opportunity for education and community learning experiences around the construction and competitive use of HPVs. These learning experiences may include but are not limited to enterprise, engineering, technology, competition, teamwork, safety, health, nutrition, fitness, sustainability and the environment.
WAHPVA Inc. aims to organise a well-structured series of HPV racing events, in Western Australia, available to the broadest possible community to a standard comparable with other Australian states.
Getting started
The Association is eager to assist prospective teams to enter the sport. 

A guide to getting started is available here.

Meet the Committee

The Association is a not-for-profit organisation run by a team of dedicated volunteers.
Chairperson: Matteo Murphy
Vice-Chairperson: Stuart Peterson
Race Director: Graham Johnson
Treasurer: Ben Clayton  
Secretary: Jack Cross


The Epiroc WA Pedal Prix Series is organised and run by the WA Human Powered Vehicle Association Inc. (WAHPVA).